As per Pharmac Tender Results October 2014 there is to be a change in the listings of Carvedilol from 1 April 2015 with the introduction of a new brand DICARZ. This brand will be listed at a significantly reduced price to the incumbent brand DILATREND.

Dicarz 6.25mg schedule listing price will be 90.71% less than Dilatrend, 12.5mg 90.56% less and 25mg 90.67% less.

Roche will be price supporting and we thank them sincerely on behalf of pharmacy.

The math’s is simple and for the benefit of pharmacy you should continue to purchase and dispense DILATREND, thus maintaining your margin.

Manage your stock through to 12 May 2015. The price will change on 13 May 2015 to the reference price, then any stock purchased and dispensed between 13 & 31 May 2015 will give you that all important improved margin.

We would ask that you continue to purchase Dilatrend to assist us in moving all stock through the supply chain.

ProPharma will automatically substitute when stock are exhausted or delisted, whichever comes first.

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