On the 23rd December 2015 we were advise that the consent for Cal-D-Forte Tabs 1.25 mg would expire on 12 February 2016. ProPharma put notices up on Mind Time and Website. To make everyone aware.

This meant that any stock remaining after that date would be required to be purchased and dispensed under Section 29 criteria.

Please note Cal-D-Forte will be DELISTED from 1 March 2016.

Limited stock has been available.

Pharmacy must dispense and claim all of their stock of Cal-D-Forte by 29 February 2016. We are not permitted to credit stock back so please be proactive.

Good News: There is a replacement available from early next week in the form of Vit D3 Capsules 1.25 mg 12 Pharmacode 2446154.

This product will be listed from 1 March 2016 Fully Funded.

If you dispense this before then you will need to consider deferring your claim until after 1 March 2016.

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