We have received the following notification of a change which will directly affect all those who order Biomed Section 26 and Section 29 items not currently stocked by ProPharma /PWR on an as required basis. (Please note this change does not affect the current Website ordering process and charges)

Freight charges for orders

Biomed provide 1 free delivery per week for each wholesaler warehouse across NZ. All additional orders within that week will incur a freight charge on cost recovery basis.

This change is effective from 02 December 2019. We recommend that you consolidate your orders to one per week to avoid any freight fees.

Please note that the freight charges will not apply to any backorders.

This will require us to consolidate all orders (outside of Website orders) to our one specific order day per week (Monday) and then supply orders on receipt of our weekly order from Biomed.

That could result in a delay in providing medication of up to 10 days.

If your order is urgent and you require it overnight then there will be an additional freight charge which will in all cases be passed on.

Under current regulations, wholesalers are not permitted to stock and sell Section 26 products. We are bound by this and therefore will order these as stated above. (We are currently investigating a legitimate way in which we can hold and supply Section 26 items to pharmacies who have a GMP contract with Biomed – if you do not have a GMP contract with Biomed then legally you cannot be supplied Section 26 products)

Most Section 29 items can be held and sold by wholesalers however we need to be realistic in relation to expiry dates. Our company policy is to have no less than 9 months dating on Ethical products unless we have a Sale & Return Agreement with the supplier. If we cannot have that in place for your protection and ours, then we do not hold stock for supply.  It will be procured due to the short dating, keeping in mind that Procures are non-returnable.

We ask you to work with us as we work to bed this change in place without causing undue delays to our customers or your patients.

We thank you in anticipation of your ongoing support.

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