With the ongoing supply issues with AFT Metoprolol, Pharmac have sought AstraZeneca assistance to provide short term relief with supply of Betaloc CR 47.5 mg 30 and 85 mg 30.

We have limited supply readily available for the next three months for you to order at your convenience. However, please take not of the following prior to ordering: –

  • Betaloc CR is a lot dearer ex manufacturer price of $7.50 per 30 pack and you will need to change your patient medication twice.
  • It is Fully Funded.
  • NO RETURNS will be accepted at any time for Betaloc CR, so please order with caution.

 Click here to read latest Pharmac update.

We will continue to allocate the AFT brand in all strengths until the entire issue of supply is resolved.

We appreciate your support and patience during this time.


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