There has been a further manufacturing issue crop up with 2476738 AIR FLOW Escitalopram 10mg, which is unfortunate as we understood from the manufacturer that everything was resolved and our stock was to have been packed by now.   In light of this news we have worked with Pharmac to find a way to keep the market supplied until the issues are resolved.

We have been able to secure stocks of 2347792 Mylan Loxalate (escitalopram) 10mg 28 as an interim measure until we can get more of our own product.  Loxalate is a product already registered in NZ, and has an existing Pharmacode.   We have arranged with Mylan (and Pharmac) to supply this product into the market on an interim basis until we can get our own product back in stock.  Pharmac are arranging a temporary listing of Loxalate so scripts can be subsidised.  The wholesale price is the same i.e. $1.40 for a pack of 28 tabs.

We have backorders pending for some wholesale customers, but not all.  If you have open backorders, can you please advise if you need to reissue your backorders with the updated product Pharmacode and description, or if we can substitute the product on your order.   We expect to be able to start sending out orders by the end of next week.  We have agreed with Mylan that orders for Loxalate will be placed with Air Flow for the duration of this temporary arrangement.  As we are initially getting in about 6 weeks stock, I would suggest only ordering what is required on an ongoing basis and not trying to rebuild buffer stocks yet.  We will be reassessing the situation over the next couple of weeks to determine if we need further Loxalate supplies of if we can revert to our own product by the time this stock is all sold.

Product details as follows:

Pharmacode Description Price Shrink Qty Shipper Qty
2347792 Loxalate (Escitalopram) 10mg 28 $1.40 10 360


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