As advised via Pharmac Tender announcement 31 May 2017, there is to be a change in the listing and future sole supply.

New listing from 1 November 2017

Rolin Tab 1 mg 30                          Pharmacode  2523647                                          Schedule price $5.04

Incumbent brand (s)

Aremed Tab 1 mg  30                   Pharmacode  2360799                              Schedule price $26.55

Arimedex Tab 1 mg  30                Pharmacode 2119498                               Schedule price $26.55

Anastrazole DP Tab 1 mg 30       Pharmacode 2289296                               Schedule price $26.55

Reference pricing to apply from 1 January 2018.

Benefit of staying with incumbent

The only benefit is the reimbursement margin of 3% on $26.55 ($0.7965) is a lot better than 3% of $5.04 ($0.1512)

However should you get caught with stock then that additional margin is not going to go far in supporting losses that may be incurred.

We would recommend you continue to purchase the incumbent and we will change automatically as existing stocks are exhausted.

Once again we need your support to ensure stock in the supply chain moves through, to effectively ensure no losses are incurred.

Together we can make this a seamless and painless transition.

We thank you in anticipation of your ongoing support.

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