As per Tender notification of 31 July 2017 there will be changes to the supply of Amoxicillin gran for oral liquid 125 mg and 250 mg 100 ml this year, leading to a new Sole Supply arrangement for HML 1 February 2018 and Community Pharmacy 1 March 2018.

The first change is the early listing of Alphamox gran for oral liquid 250 mg 100ml Pharmacode  2503565  effective from 21 September 2017. (Wastage claimable – see rule 3.3.2) This was to be listed from 1 December 2017, however has been brought forward due to very high demand, which has exceeded expectations.

This is in addition to the current listing for Ospamox Gran for oral liquid 250 mg 100 ml Pharmacode 390534.

We ask that you continue to order Ospamox 250 mg 100 ml and ProPharma / PWR will ensure automatic replacement to Alphamox 250 mg when necessary.

You cannot claim for Alphamox dispensings in September 2017, which is more reason to continue with Ospamox.

NOTE: this early change applies to the 250 mg gran for oral liquid only

Amoxicillin gran for oral liquid 125 mg 100 ml listing will remain as per Tender notification – 1 December 2017.

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