It has come to our attention that there is an issue with the barcode on the above mentioned product.

When scanned it displays:-

BNM Aqueous Cream 500gm Pharmacode 2555115

This is a supplier issue which is being dealt with as per the following correspondence:-


“thanks for bringing this to our attention. We have now implemented changes to the barcode artwork for Cetomacrogol 500mL which will be incorporated into all future batches. Unfortunately we still have considerable stock in Auckland carrying the incorrect barcode and appreciate your patience and any workaround you need to implement until the new batches are available”


Pharmacy are able to disable this in:-

Toniq (scan it twice and it will ask you if you wish to disable this barcode)

RxOne (if a site has already got the wrong barcode attached to that stock card they will need to delete that manually on their system. This can be done easily by opening up that stock card, right mouse click on the barcode and select Delete barcode. Or they can call us if need help)


There is potentially 3 months stock in NZ so it is not just an overnight issue.

Once the new batches flow through with the correct barcode we will advise accordingly.

Hope this alert is beneficial.

We thank you sincerely for your ongoing support.

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